Welcome to Mrs. Chen's 5th Grade Chinese B

陈(chén)老(lǎo)师(shī)中(zhōng)文(wén)五(wǔ)年(nián)级(jí)B 班(ban) IMG_1128.jpgIMG_1169.jpgIMG_1168.jpgIMG_1167.jpgIMG_1166.jpgIMG_1164.jpgIMG_1165.jpgIMG_1163.jpgIMG_1170.jpg

May project: 15 years later, I will be......

Please check the top 10 dream jobs for 5th Chinese B:

April project: Chinese poem

March project: My daily schedule
Please learn the school subjects vocabulary:
Please learn the time vocabulary:
Please learn the daily activities vocabulary:

Please take a look at the students' fianl works:

January project: Happy the year of Snake

12 Zodiac attend the Jade Emperor's feast from wen chen on Vimeo.

Please learn the vocabulary:

computer class project:

students recordings:

2012 Winter program: Celebrations through the seasons

Chinese B Skit from wen chen on Vimeo.

computer lab project: This is my monster friend

external image chinese-dragon.jpg

At the end of Grade 5 students will be able to:

· common expressions in classroom:
o Thank you. You’re welcome. I’m sorry. It’s okay. Welcome. Please come in. Raise your hand, please. Listen carefully. Be quiet, please. No talking. May I go to the restroom/get to tissure?
  • self introduction

·Ask for classroom objects(pencils, erasers,glues, scissors)
·Locate key geographical features on the map of China
o Yangzi River, Yellow River, Great Wall, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan
·Engage in conversations about asking and expressing feelings and emotions:
o Hot, cold, hungry, full, thirsty, happy, sad, afraid, tired, worried, lonely, nervous, comfortable, not comfortable, silly, proud, excited, angry
o How are you feeling today? I’m… / I feel…
·Name and identify gift items for the holiday season:
o Basketball, ice-skates, skateboard, story books, clothes, watch, earrings, necklace, electronic games
o What would you want? I want… I want to give (something) to (someone).
·Name and identify some popular foods found on a Chinese menu:
o Water, tea, soda, coke, juice, egg drop soup, wonton soup, sweet and sour soup, beef with broccoli, chicken with broccoli, sesame chicken, sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour rib, dumplings, rice, ice cream, fruits
o What do you like to eat/drink? I would like to eat/drink…
  • Compare Thanksgiving with Moon Festival in China
·Read and tell about China’s first and greatest teacher – Confucius and learn about some of his famous quotes
·Identify a few Chinese inventions:
o Compass, paper, gun powder, printing, abacus, tea making
o What are the inventions in China? There are/There is…

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2012 October project: body parts and introduce somebody
我的怪物朋友。My Monster friend.
For body parts vocabularies study:

2012 September Project:
我要去xxxx买文具。I want to buy school supplies at xxxx.
Learn 7 school supplies with their measure words:
For vocabularies study:

For communication:

GoAnimate.com: %E6%88%91%E4%BB%AC%E5%8E%BB%E4%B9%B0%E6%96%87%E5%85%B7%E5%90%A7%EF%BC%81 by wenwenc

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!


2012 Arpil Project: countries, times, international timezone,things to do 喂(wèi),现(xiàn)在(zài)几(jǐ)点(diǎn)钟(zhōng)?你(nǐ)在(zài)做(zuò)什(shén)么(me)?
making an international phone call: What time is it now? What are you doing?For vocabularies study: *http://quizlet.com/11612656/countries-%E5%9B%BD%E5%AE%B6-guo-jia-flash-cards/

March Project:
self introduction (name,age,grade,nationality,living area, personalities)
我(wǒ)很(hěn) I am very..........Please check the "quizlet" for the personalities vocabularies: http://quizlet.com/9866648/adj-to-describe-people-flash-cards/

情(qíng)人(rén)节(jié)快(kuài)乐(lè)!Happy Valentine's Day!
Please check the “quizlet” for the valentine's day vocabulary:


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Happy The Year Of Dragon!
[[image:http://www.chinesenewyear.me/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/china-new-year-2012-year-of-dragon.jpg align="center"]]

**<span style="color: #0000ff; font-family: 'Courier New',Courier,monospace; font-size: 18px;">Play the games and learn what the Chinese people eat for the Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner:</span>**

<span style="display: block; text-align: center;">[[http://quizlet.com/9278588/chinese-new-years-eve-feast-%E5%B9%B4%E5%A4%9C%E9%A5%AD-flash-cards/]]</span>